We are Chelsea,We Are Champions of England, We are Ready – E.Hazard

PRE Match Press Conference (Chelsea FC)

Its Champion league night in London with Chelsea facing off their bitter rivals Barcelona in the round of 16 clash on Tuesday night at Stamford Bridge.

The two sides have a bitter history against each other in the Champions League. With Chelsea being knocked out in the controversial game on 6th May 2009 has voiced concerns over refereeing decisions in this game. The teams, managers, and officials hope that not to see a repeat of what happened in 2009.

The Pre-match press conference had Hazard answering several questions related to the game.When asked how they are going to overcome the impressive midfield of Barcelona and face of Messi, he replied ” We need to defend together as a team and play off the ball. We have good players who can play off the ball and try to great goalscoring chance when we have the ball”.

About facing Messi ” Its good to play against Messi once again after playing against him in the world cup. I hope tomorrow is going to be different from that result”

When asked if he cares about being compared to Messi and Ronaldo, he replied “‘It is good to be compared with the best in the world, Messi, and Ronaldo,’ he said, ‘but I am different. We play in different leagues, I try to do my job, I try to reach that level, their level, and so every season I try to do my best. When you play in this kind of game you need to perform because if you want to be one of the best, you need to play well in big games and this is a big game, so let’s go for it.”

We are Chelsea we are Champions of England, We are Ready-Eden Hazard

Source: Chelsea FC

Lets us know your Predictions for the game.

Messi vs Hazard whose going to shine tomorrow?

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